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Jeremy Sassoon
“Coming Out”

“… he steps into the spotlight on this finely produced album as a singer of sufficient merit and warmth to generate serious attention”

Musician’ Magazine

“A surefire success for any jazz club…. and well-worth checking now as a recording artist… ”

Musician’ Magazine

£10 + £1.95 p&p in UK

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Sassoon & Bentley – “Bacon or Pastrami?” (With Paul Bentley Vocals)

“The vibe is retro. Close your eyes and it could be 1975 again. On Broadway recalls George Benson; And I Love Her summons the shade of Bobby Womack”

“Everyone sounds like they’re having a ball”

“City Life” Magazine

£10 + £1.95 p&p in UK

Buy Both CD’s for £15 Offer!  &1.95 p&p in UK


I’ve been back in the recording studio in January to record a single called “The Thing’s We’ve Handed Down”. It’s an arrangement of a wonderful song written by Marc Cohn and the lyrics are about what we all inherit from our parents. It’s proven a bit of a tearjerker so far. Standby for some important news about radio play for this single (I can’t reveal it as yet) but for now, here’s the link to iTunes, where you can download it for $0.99, or whatever that is in pence. Let’s watch it rise up the charts!